Blake Island is just across the Puget Sound waterways from Olympic View Cottage

When staying at Olympic View Cottage you will be looking across the Puget Sound waterways at Blake Island.  A great day trip from Seattle, Blake Island is only accessible by boat and helps protects a vast marine park of richly textured shoreline and beaches. Some of the most popular things to do on the island include cycling, kayaking, and staying in one of the three year-round campgrounds, all of which are backdropped by stunning Olympic Mountain vistas.

By far the most popular tourist attraction of the island, Tillicum Village celebrates the Pacific Northwest American Indian culture with traditional feasts and celebrations. Tourists interested in visiting Tillicum Village can opt for a four-hour tour that departs from the downtown Seattle waterfront.

Board the boat at Pier 55 on the waterfront and enjoy a beautiful Argosy boat ride across the waterways to Blake Island.  And please ask us at Olympic View Cottage for more details.  We love this trip and would be happy to share our inside tips.  

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