Australian Pie Company

The Australian Pie Company has gourmet meat pies that are an authentic staple in Australian cuisine. They also have a small Australian goods section to buy imported items from the everyday Australian grocery store. The Aussie Pie Co. offer ground beef, ground chicken, and vegetarian pies along with sausage rolls and spinach rolls that are wrapped in the special puff pastry. The Pie Company is minutes away from teh cottage. The employees are great. The owner, Angus, is Australian and has quite a sense of humor. The store in general gives you a different feeling. It’s like walking straight into the outback! The food is fun to watch when it’s being made. There’s a huge pot that someone makes the dough in. It looks like they have to stick their whole body inside it! My recommendation would be meat and potatoes, maybe with some cheese? To the confused, I would describe them as similar to pot pies, but ten thousand times better. A must try when you come to Olympic View Bed and Breakfast Cottage in Seattle, WA.

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