Seattle City Tours

Enjoy this Seattle Walking tour day trip while staying at Olympic View Cottage in Seattle, Washington.
This tour is perfect for anyone – especially if you like taking pictures. You go on paths less traveled so you have a chance to see unique sights often bypassed. Our local history lessons and easy to understand compositions tips make an ideal tour. Kind of like the back roads less traveled of Seattle. This tour also includes some out of the way surprises that you might ordinarily miss on your Seattle visit. You will explore little nooks and crannies in Settle form the cobble stone streets and alleyways to the historic waterfront with the panoramic views of Seattle and the Puget Sound. You’ll then spend your time at the public market using all the newly honed skills to create your own lasting images. All the while your guide will be giving you the time and direction to create great travel pictures. This tour is so fun and has been seen on NBC and FOX. A must see while you visit us at Olympic View Cottage in Seattle, Washington. For more information check out

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