Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market IS Seattle! Simply said your experience at this famous Seattle market will always be one to remember. When vacationing at Olympic View Bed and Breakfast Cottage this year you will have to go spend a day – or two – at the cities #1 toursit attraction – the Pike Place Market. This fabulous Northwest market is all about the essential sights, smells, sounds and tastes of Seattle. You’ll see fish from around the world neatly displayed. Smell flowers from local farmers. Hear street performers strumming guitars, blowing saxophones and singing a cappella. Taste honeys, nuts and other foods from local vendors. I’ve found the best days to go lingering at the market are sunny, dry weekdays as weekends can get pretty crowded. We’ll be happy to tell you our favoriate restaraunts and hidden shops you don’t want to miss. This might end up being a 2 day trip for most people. So give yourself plenty of time to explore The Pike Place Market in Seattle this spring and summer.

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